Every aspect of life today requires a helping hand at some stage of its allotted span - whether it be in its infancy, education, development or in its decline.

No matter what the subject of support may be, there is a need for a solid foundation upon which the recipient can prosper and flourish not necessarily only financially but also aesthetically and for the common good.

It is the declared aim of The Rotherwick Foundation to provide financial support in the form of charity donations to their carefully chosen projects. In general terms these include:

  1. the provision of scholarships, bursaries and maintenance allowances and educational grants tenable at any school, university or other educational establishment to people under 25 who or whose parents or guardians are resident in the specified localities or who attend or have for not less than five years attended a school or other educational establishment within those localities;
  2. the provision of financial assistance, equipment, books and clothing to such people on leaving school, university or other educational establishment for entry into a trade or profession;
  3. the provision of amenities and facilities including public recreation and sports grounds for public benefit;
  4. the advancement of religion and other charitable works and of the maintenance of churches;
  5. the provision, maintenance, improvement and equipment of hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and clinics;
  6. such other charitable purposes as the charity trustees in their absolute discretion think fit to support or establish.

We welcome applications from individuals and groups who meet the above criteria.

Our funding

The Rotherwick Foundation is the main beneficiary of Elite Hotels and there is particular focus on achieving the aims of the charity within a 20-mile radius of each hotel.

Successful projects

Success is relative - a small project requiring little finance but solid support can be just as rewarding as an enormous undertaking where The Foundation provides just one essential cog in the creation of a mighty machine.

The Rotherwick Foundation has supported many worthy causes and these are but a few examples to show the diversification and success of its aims:

Eastbourne College

Providing assistance to the Bursary Programme that provides life-changing opportunities to boys and girls who would not otherwise be able to benefit from a college education.

St Wilfrid's Hospice

Working on the Hospice’s “Closer to You” project that provides community nursing services to patients in their own homes within the Eastbourne and Wealden areas.

Hindleap Warren

Helping children to enjoy the Outdoor Education Centre's facilities at Hindleap Warren and providing activities for those with special needs and disabilities.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

A unique UK charity that provides assistance dogs to deaf people. The hearing dog can be truly transformative for a deaf person, giving practical assistance, companionship and a new feeling of confidence to deal with the world.

Treloar Trust

The Trustees are pleased to support the school’s “Pushing the Boundaries” programme, helping children and young adults with complex physical disabilities.

Therapy Garden

Horticultural based Educational charity that uses gardening as a means to engaging and assisting those with learning difficulties and disabilities, such as autism and cerebral palsy.

Apply for Funding

We appreciate the time and effort that fundraising takes and aim to be as clear as possible about what The Rotherwick Foundation does and doesn’t fund, how to apply for a grant and how long the process usually takes.

Please click the link below to download our guidelines, which are divided into the following four sections:- who we support, what we fund, what we don’t fund, the application process.